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AugustHaus Coil Shield for Flat Coil Liger 3.0

    • Heat Shield designed specifically for the custom AugustHaus coil for Liger banger 3.0

      For the E-nail Please see: https://www.theaugusthaus.com/shop

      Each Heat Shield is designed to entirely surround & encase the entire heater coil; absorbing & reflecting back the majority of energy that is normally wasted into the surrounding atmosphere (60%+)

      • Ultimate Thermal Efficiency via Heater Coil Placement - This custom heater coil directly surrounds both the sides & bottom of the vaporization dish
      • Made from 99.95% Pure Grd 2 Titanium

360 View

AugustHaus Coil Shield:
With Flat Coil Liger: