Storm Cell 3.1 Carb Cap - Master Set

Size Guide

    The Storm Cell carb cap is engineered with a precisely angled hole that cause an active Tornado inside of your vaporization dish!

    Lead Time on Silver - 7-10 days

    Lead Time on Gold, Blue & Rainbow - 10-14 days

    • Specifically Designed for the Flat coil Liger 3.0, 20mm Liger 3.0, 16mm Liger 3.0, 20mm Zeus 3.0 & 16mm Zeus 3.0
    • Will carb XL QCB & other large quartz bangers
    • Compatible with all CCA gear from previous & current generations
    • Made from 99.95% Pure Medical Grade 2 Titanium
    • 1x Storm Cell Cap (version 3.1)
    • 1x Skeleton Handle
    • 1x Locking Nut
    • 1x Finger Saver
    • 4x Removable dab tips: Flat tip, Stinger, Notch, & Scoop

Grasp Control of the Storm Cell

When applied, the Storm Cell Cap promptly causes the air pressure inside the vaporization dish to lower. This directly lowers the active temperature of your essential oils granting you the full spectrum of flavors! Truly taste all of the Terpenes and Cannabinoids that you have previously been missing.

The expressly designed small mass, shape and strategic fins allow the Storm Cell to dissipate heat extremely fast while also lowering the absorption of heat from your nail!

360 Degree View

Heater Coil Size Comparison
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